What’s a doodle?

April 1, 2014

Ever attended a long “boring” presentation with a pen & notebook? Did you scribble stuffs that have nothing to do with the presentation? Good if you did, you’ve been doodling then.

A doodle is an spontaneous drawing that one makes when the mind wanders from thought to thought. This often happens during telephone conversations (at least to me), during long presentations and sometimes during the not-so-interesting management meetings, among other situations too. Some times doodles can be easily identified to shapes or objects and at times they remain total abstract. When I doodle, they mostly are geometrical shapes stuck together to mimic objects.

Last year when I started organizing Linux mini-meetups, the first attendees, Yuram, Neha, Darshini and Pawan will certainly remember me carrying a sketchpad along. When they asked what’s that for, I would answer it’s my mind map. While I would talk to them about Linux, my hand would continuously scribble stuffs on the paper. These could be little geometrical shapes, drawings or short commands. At the end of meetups, they would usually tear off the page & take it home.

Since a few days my doodle craze has been more colorful. While my mind is busy exploring, I fire-up Inkscape and draw stuffs that I see around or might be thinking about.

Yet more doodles

April 28, 2014
doodle work-life-balance journal

Freehand drawing

April 6, 2013
doodle drawing