WebCup Mauritius 2017

May 21, 2017
webcup mauritius

WebCup Mauritius 2017 happened over the weekend of 2021 May 2017. This year the organising committee proposed a different format for the competition. In fact, they adapted the format based on previous experiences, which is a good thing.

I met Zakiya from the organising committee who explained me the new format.

WebCup Mauritius 2017

This year participation at the WebCup competition was higher. In total there were 76 participants, making up 19 teams, among which 10 teams were composed of students only.

In the new format, all teams were given one single theme to develop on. Participants were asked to develop a website for a park called AndroidLand. Unlike previous years there won’t be presentations by participants this time. They are required to provide a video of their work done in the past 24 hours. The winning team will be announced on Thursday 25 May 2017. The jury panel thus are getting more time to discuss among themselves which team best adheres to the criteria of WebCup 2017.

WebCup Mauritius 2017 - Live team

David Dias helped the organizing team with live streaming. I was told that WebCup was live on social networks till around 4 a.m. During the day David, Loïc, Pritvi and Farid were live streaming the event.

Teams details are available at webcup.fr.

I stayed with folks at Cyber Tower I till the afternoon while the jury members had their debrief. We shall know on Thursday 25 May 2017 who won WebCup Mauritius 2017.

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