WebCup Mauritius 2015

May 25, 2015

The WebCup Mauritius 2015 competition happened during the weekend of 2324 May 2015. I did not attend the event but I had a look at some of the websites created during the competition. I shared my opinion on the Mauritius Internet Users mailing list. An interesting discussion followed thereafter.

My main critic was the use of a $48 Joomla template from Themeforest and replacing the copyright of Dan Partac by that of the participant team name. It did not appear ethical to me, especially when the event is a competition.

WebCup Mauritius standard has been questioned in the past. Nirvan Pagooah, a fellow developer, participated in 2013 and shared his experience. A similar situation is described by moz.im. Fellow blogger Yashvin Awotar seem to have the same opinion on the WebCup competition.