WebCup 2014: Wishing folks "all the best"

June 7, 2014

WebCup 2014 happening today at Cyber Tower 1, Ebène. While I had nothing much to do, I thought I’ll just drop by to wish a “good luck” to the kids. I reached there around 13h30 & called up Ibraahim since there was no one outside. Yeah, it looked kind of a deserted place from the outside but I’m sure the real thing was happening inside and it must be different.

Ibraahim came & we had a quick chat. He was kinda nervous but that’s normal when you’re in a competition. As he went back inside, he let Nayar know I came. Ahaaaa … Nayar came out with his whole herd (^^,) … that is, Ubeid, Toshan and Saamiyah. Now, I like their attitude as they did not look nervous, worried or stressed from any angle. They were there to have fun, make fun and spread fun. That’s the spirit folks.

Ladies & gentlemen, I offer you, the Sultans of Web.





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Tiny Group featuring Yunus, Neelu, Ibraahim & Tania