Waze, get road directions in Mauritius

September 18, 2015

Some time back I read about Waze, a mobile application that may come handy to get road directions in Mauritius.

Yesterday morning before leaving for work I subscribed to a one-day internet data package from Orange; it costs Rs 8.69. Waze relies on the drivers community to get real-time traffic information. It requires an internet connection to pull the map data and road/traffic updates; also if you wish to report an accident, traffic jam, map issues etc.

Waze reporting features

Waze allows drivers to report accidents, traffic jams, road blockade and even police presence at particular locations. If there is big community of drivers using Waze, we may get very interesting real-time information on the traffic situation. It can minimize traffic jams as coming vehicles may take bypass roads if the drivers are alerted of heavy traffic ahead. Drivers will also be cautious if alerted of Police presence on the roads.


I started Waze at Providence, where I live, and I was surprised to see the map was accurate with road names.


I was even more surprised when I reached Verdun and Waze notified me there are speed cameras ahead. Those speed cameras are in dual directions and Waze correctly notifies two of them.


Waze, speed cameras at Verdun The speed cameras at Verdun. Photo taken on 18 September 2015.

When I reached Ebène, where I work, I noticed Waze had a much more detailed map. However, something else caught my attention. There was a notification of Police presence at Royal Complex. That was an interesting information :)

Waze, notification on Police presence

Waze used 3.59MB of data during the trip of approximately one hour.

Waze, internet data usage

I am satisfied with Waze, if you’d like to have it on your Android smartphone too, visit Google Play Store.