Visiting Nadim’s office at Grand Baie

December 3, 2013

During the previous Linux meetup Nadim invited me to visit his workplace and meet his boss who’s also an open source advocate. While being on-call this week I am pretty free during day time. So, I grabbed this opportunity to visit them today.

Their office is a short ride from the beach actually; a nice & cozy place in Grand Baie. I like the northern weather. In fact, while driving north I enjoyed the blue sky & some green scenery along the way. I reached Grand Baie exactly at noon as I had informed Nadim. He was waiting for me on the roadside. I met him and we both went for lunch at Grand Baie La Croisette. We discussed on the possibility of having some future Linux or MSCC meetup in the north. I don’t mind … besides I like travelling to various places meeting new folks & sharing the spirit of open knowledge. It’s fun & meetup in the north would be fun too. Our only issue is transport. I should be working on that & come up with a solution. I shared some of my crazy ideas regarding open source advancement in Mauritius & also the open government platform that has been cooking up in my mind since long.

We then went back to Nadim’s office. I like the interior & woohooo, they have some awesome 1080P HD monitors. The perfect geek desktop. I plugged my laptop & we continued chatting.

A short while later Christophe came, Nadim’s boss. Nadim introduced us & we talked about work stuffs in general. I explained a bit about my nature of work as an Application Management Engineer. We had an awesome geek chat involving various topics like Amazon Web Services, Git, Server auto-deployment etc. I shared a little bit about YaST, WebYaST & AutoYaST features that could be useful for mass deployment of SUSE servers.

Christophe Parmentier

We talked about the LUGM & MSCC meetups happening & also the quality of local bandwidth. Yup, the last part is deplorable indeed. I have written about this in my previous articles as well, the concept of Cyber Island will remain a “mirage” until we have enough of locally deployed web services… and that is not going to happen with the poor bandwidth that we have. Christophe shared a lot of ideas that we can implement locally which I believe are possible with the support of Linux enthusiasts/hobbyists. I like their office setup, it reminded me the times at Linkbynet. We kinda had the same casual getup while working.

I also met Virginia, a charming lady who complimented me as having a “strong voice”. Ahaan… A first time someone telling me that, liked it.

I left Grand Baie around 16h00. It rained earlier but the roads were fine. Summing-up, I spent a great afternoon sharing geek ideas that if implemented, will benefit our local fellows a lot. I’m going to share the same during the upcoming meetups & see how folks react.

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