Viré Mam - The Game

November 23, 2014

Earlier today a friend sent me this link:

I opened it and smiled when I heard the music. It was familiar. Yes, indeed it’s the famous « Viré Mam » music. However, this time it’s not a video clip but a Video Game. A while ago another friend said the following to me:

hey a video game for an election... thats a first.

I agree with him. It’s a first. We have seen a surge in the use of Web and Multimedia in the electoral campaign this year. Starting with several mainstream political parties and new ones launching their websites, have Facebook pages and publishing YouTube videos. I even noticed a party releasing a PDF version of its electoral manifesto.

With such an adoption of technology we’re on the right track towards « IT modernization » though still kinda lagging behind1. Ok, we’ll see which party gets on Twitter first & make an effective use of the same.

Meanwhile, let's have a look at Viré Mam - The Game


The start screen


It publishes a series of scandals & asks for your constituency


Familiar figures attack you & you got to shoot them

The page notifies that the mobile version of the game for Android and iOS will be coming soon.

[1] I said lagging because the local IT infrastructure, Internet quality, Web Security and a lot need to be reviewed, some of which badly need a revamp.