Ubuntu Jam 2015 - Mauritius

February 7, 2015
ubuntu mauritius linux user-groups

In-line with the Ubuntu Global Jam happening from 6 - 8 February 2015, we too, we had our share of jamming session at the University of Mauritius today. Due to work commitments, however, I could not put in too much energy and rather unloaded the same on Ashmita, the University of Mauritius Computer Club president, and a very good friend.

ubuntu_global_jam_badge_v1Though we had a tight schedule of just a couple of days, she managed to get some gear ready for the event. I created the event on the Ubuntu Loco Team Portal. Ashmita created an event page on Facebook as well.

Scheduled to start at 10h00, I reached the University of Mauritius around 10h15. Bad weather, bad timing, but geared for some fun. On the way, I picked up Shelly. As for Pritvi, really it’s time he gets himself a mobile phone to synchronize timing. He reached the university some 15 - 20 minutes after me.

As I arrived at the cafeteria, the usual geek team was busy setting up what looked like a “chapiteau”. Oh great, we would need one in case the rain pours like hell. Ubuntu Jam in the rain, that’s rare but fun.

Minutes later we had tables set up, got power and plugged our gears. I brought two laptops. My work laptop was with me, I actually carry it everywhere ^^ so I just shot a Live Ubuntu on that one. Besides I had my second laptop running openSUSE which I used to build Live pendrives.


My openSUSE notebook

A few curious ones showed up and I discussed Ubuntu while demo’ing stuffs on the Live Ubuntu session. Some took ISO images while many others wished to have a Live pendrive. The irony was when I had Ubuntu running on a MacBook to copy a Linux ISO on a Microsoft pendrive :-)


Kamal & Nadim were busy installing Ubuntu on laptops. It was great to see people bringing their gear for a Linux install. As far as I know, they did at least three installations.


Nirvan & Logan were intrigued as to why they had SSH issues on the university campus. They tried git-cloning using SSH and it failed flat on their face. Git via HTTPS worked though. Conclusion, port 22 (standard port for SSH) seems to be blocked. This did create some debate and it was argued that SSH is a popular protocol used in many “security-centric” applications and Github undoubtedly is the favourite code-sharing platform for aspiring computer scientists of the university.


JoKi geared up with his Xubuntu notebook and shared his experience with the curious audience.


I have quite a lot to catch up with the upcoming Developers Conference and JoKi gladly updated me with latest happenings. In fact, the conference will overlap with the release of Ubuntu 15.04 “Vivid Vervet” which is scheduled for 23 April 2015.

We packed up around 13h30 & settled at the cafeteria itself for a group lunch :-)

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