typo: flase #mnic

August 25, 2014

Everybody leaves typos while typing. However, typos while writing code end up in bugs. Bugs open doors to vulnerabilities.

When I talk about www.mnic.mu or www.gov.mu, many people lash out that they are not connected to the MNIC database therefore irrelevant. Chill out bambinos! No need to get excited. Showing you petty mistakes in your VISIBLE projects is just to make you realize your recklessness. As for the MNIC database or your intranet or whatever, you never published anything, so I am not commenting on those.

The following is a code extract from the video page on the MNIC website.

What would autoStart: ‘flase’, do? Yeah, yeah! I am not gonna make a big issue out of this, it should have been autoStart: ‘false’,. It’s just about being cautious while writing code for Government Projects. Showing same carelessness while working with our biometric stuffs will land you in deep soup some day (^^,) …

To add, the typo repeats itself throughout the page revealing a notorious copy & paste habit.