Tourism Authority: Files removed. Really?

June 3, 2014

Later this afternoon I was informed by the Data Protection Office that the Tourism Authority has been alerted & the files were removed (follow previous story here). Aww! Let’s see. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, the footer of the Tourism Authority website contains a Directory section which is now blank.


Does that mean the files have been removed?

Wait! Removal of links do not mean files are removed from the server or they are secured. If the persons cared to read my previous blog posts regarding this privacy blunder, I highlighted that their pages are indexed by search engines. Consequently, their files are indexed too. It’s too obvious.

So, a mere Google search and …. VoilĂ , the files are STILL on the Government servers.


Just click on the search results & they show up the same files as having the ID Card & phone numbers.

I wonder why the authorities take us for a bunch of idiots who don’t understand how these things work. I highlighted a Privacy Concern for them to be serious at their work & instead of taking note of that, they’re more concerned with a cover up. (/_^)

Deleted? True or False.

Aww! Maybe they don’t make the difference between deleting and un-linking.