’s supercomputers list for June 2013 is out

June 17, 2013
linux supercomputers

China wins again with it’s Tianhe-2 supercomputer. According to a BBC article, this came as a surprise as the machine was not supposed to be ready by 2015. Anyway, what brings smile on my face is that the beast runs Kylin OS, a version of Linux developed by the National University of Defense Technology (China) for the Chinese military & other government organizations.

As of June 2013, the top 10 fastest supercomputers are as follows:

Name Operating System Country
Tianhe-2 Kylin Linux China
Titan Cray Linux Environment US
Sequoia Linux US
K computer Linux Japan
Mira Linux US
Stampede Linux US
Juqueen Linux Germany
Vulcan Linux US
SuperMuc Linux Germany
Tianhe-1A Linux China

Yeah! Linux everywhere (^^,) …

Here’s a nice pie-chart generated from the‘s website:

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