The tiny switch of the 3D glasses

December 26, 2014

Last Saturday I was at Pizza Perfect meeting JCI City Plus folks to discuss a roadmap for our Raspberry Pi Project. Ajay was in the meeting and during the convo he tossed if we’ve watched The Hobbit. I hadn’t yet and since I had no further plans for the day we thought why not going watch it.

Now that the geeks are inside the cinĂ©, they do not stop observing. Indeed. Ajay asked me if I knew about this little switch in the 3D glasses. Nope, I didn’t. We pressed it & the lenses flickered as if resetting or maybe re-calibrating something.


Back home, I dug the Internet to find more about it. Well, as it happens the 3D Cine at Bagatelle Mall uses Volfoni equipment. The glasses that are lent to us are model Edge 1.2. They use radio frequency (RF) technology to synchronize with an emitter, Volfoni ActiveHub Cinema. The technology ensures the wearer a good 3D experience no matter which seating position in the theatre.


3d-glass-power-switchThe button we noticed is indeed the power switch. The flickering of the lenses that we saw actually indicates the battery level. One flash indicates 30% battery life, two flashes upto 90% and three flashes indicate above 90% battery life. When the glasses are powered on, the lenses flash one time left & one time right indicating that it’s powered.

Just wanted to share about the intriguing little switch we found in the glasses. Cheers!

Images from Volfoni website & product manual