The saga of Mauritian 'hacked' websites continues...

July 20, 2015

I have several posts on my blog that cite Mauritian ‘hacked’ websites. Usually, I would refrain from using the word ‘hacked’ when reporting such incidents. A more proper term would be to say ‘compromised’. However, it appears when saying ‘compromised’ people do not take things seriously.

Earlier today, S. Moonesamy notified internet users on the MIU mailing list that got compromised. I visited the website and found indeed, a black page with white text and page title ‘hacked by NG689Skw’ was uploaded on the server as I.php.

We have discussed about Mauritian ‘hacked’ websites several times on the mailing list and written about those to the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Mauritius.

Mauritian hacked websites

Publicly accessible resources indicate the website runs WordPress version 4.1.5 which is not the latest. In a 2-mins overview I would not go through all the plugin versions to analyze what was exploited. Neither I am putting CERT-MU in the loop as they are not responsive to emails which I sent them in the past.

I thus leave the screenshot on my blog and expect it reaches the ear of the person responsible for security & maintenance of the website. Hope it gets cleaned up & properly secured soon. Meanwhile, I re-iterate that the saga of Mauritius ‘hacked’ websites continues and this time it hit health care.