The ON/OFF saga

August 24, 2014

livre-ouvertThe past few weeks have been rocked by a ridiculous political saga. On one hand we have the defenders of the PM’s private life who are the same people who mocked our civil liberties by compelling Mauritians to give fingerprints and biometric photo for a piece of identity; while on the other hand the opposition leader is trying to woo the PM for a political alliance. All for the sake of the country we’re made to believe (^^,) …

Image source, L'Express Online, Humeur de POV - 2014-08-21

The innocent citizens

Now, the innocent citizens think the country will be doomed without these people as head of the state. Come on folks, grow something in your pants. Why should you even trust the same people who are rocked by a series of scandals?

You have a funny guy who at all moments is trying to woo a PM and depending on his mood he calls up journalists to announce the state of his relationship as ON or OFF.

You have a PM who is bashed & rocked by a series of scandals as published by press. He lives like a royal & even prides himself calling it “class” and people applaud. Le peuple admirable!

You have people who can’t entertain a healthy radio debate & fall into self-mockery.

You have a bunch of officers who make a deaf ear to the call of civil liberty. A team who in the name of so-called National Security are almost taking the whole country as hostage. To remind you folks, my letter to the ICT Minister and the MNIS Project Manager has still remained unanswered (been 3 months).

Talking of National Security; then I do believe revealing the private life of somebody who might have used his position as head of state to favor his inner circle is something of National Security. Favoritism creates an economic imbalance and puts the country at risk.

Those who are bashing the press, folks, realize one thing, if the press didn’t reveal the scandals within the inner circle, all these politicians would continue rule over your head as if nothing ever happened. You think the opposition leader didn’t know of all these prior to his attempts at making an alliance? If yes he knew, then he’s taking us all as fools. If no he didn’t, then I really doubt his competency to even represent us in the parliament.

It's high time...

Yes, it’s high time you stop taking these people as gods! They are not. You are the master of your destiny and that of your country. When the elections are near, I know I am going to have a hard time laughing at those who choose the T-Shirt & Flag color, for it’s gonna reveal the size of brain this time! I do not mean to be taunting but yes, I do mean to ridiculize YOUR capacity of choosing this country’s future. I’m gonna be harsh on this one because the decision of some people affects the lives of many.