The ATM Story

September 28, 2014

I was at this ATM at Bagatelle Mall today and jumped in the long queue. With the Bagasales happening at the moment, the mall is crowded. The effect can be seen at the various ATMs. I was at the MCB one near Celio. There are two ATMs there. I noticed that the second ATM was free and it did appear operational. Then why no one was going there? The ATM banner read « bureau de change »


Maybe most people would just read that part and hold back. Wait! There are more lines there in the service description. Those lines slide on the ATM screen from time to time & they can also be read from the upper banner on the wall. The third line says « Cash withdrawal - minimum Rs 500 »

So, one could withdraw money from that ATM too, it isn’t just for currency conversion.


I hopped there & withdrew money ( :