Surf anonymously using your mobile phone

October 18, 2014

tor-logoTor, which originally meant ‹ the onion router › is a software that enables Internet traffic to relay round the globe before hitting the target. Thus it enables one to surf the Internet anonymously. Tor prevents websites from tracking you. Recently, a post about Google Maps Tracking made a buzz on Yahoo News. Using online services behind a Tor network prevents such sort of pervasive tracking.

Having Tor on your PC or Notebook isn’t a big deal. Just download Tor Browser for your platform and upon starting the same it will trigger the required services.

However, most people would use Google Maps among other similar online services on their mobile device. I don’t know about iPhone or others, but Tor runs flawlessly on Android. Just hit Google Play and look for Tor. You’ll need Orbot to run the Tor service.

orbot Orbot on Google Play Store

Orbot running on mobile

Next, to avoid meticulous configuration of your browser in order to use Tor, you could simply download Orweb which integrates itself with Orbot.


Using Google with Orweb

Start Orbot & open Orweb, that’s it. On that note, happy anonymous surfing (^^,) …

Update - 19 Oct 2014 21h00 As SM pointed out in the Mauritius Internet Users discussion list, it was recently announced that Orweb has a possibile IP leak caused by HTML5 Audio/Video elements. The same has been published on The Guardian Project page. Firefox can be used as an alternative. Instructions are published here. I will publish another article once I have tested the same.