Student absence alert sent to wrong person

April 2, 2015

As we know there’s currently a project by the Ministry of Education to alert parents when their kid hasn’t attended school. This has been introduced to prevent students from bunking classes and ensure a proper attendance percentage in government schools.

Today a colleague was alarmed when he received a message from some EREGISTER which apparently seems to be the “alert system”. The message informed him of someone in Form 2 not attending MGSS NF. He is not related the student mentioned in the message.


The SMS as it appeared on my colleague's phone

So, could that be a typo in the registry putting the wrong phone number? Don’t know yet. Maybe if the message comes again, the school should be notified.

The application runs at the Government Online Centre but I guess data entry happens at the schools. Where & what went wrong, I can’t say. Will see if other people receive such “wrong number” :-)