Stopping by the #RiSk[Solutions] hackathon

April 16, 2017
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A few weeks ago, Ajay Ramjatan, the President of the Linux User Group of Mauritius sent the executive members an email about a hackathon. It’s organized by the “Fonds francophone pour l’innovation numérique (FFIN)” with the collaboration of OTAM, MITIA and the Ministry of Technology, Communication & Innovation. It is the fifth edition and this time it’s happening in Mauritius.

#RiSk[Solutions] hackathon - Xavier

The event spanned over four days starting on Thursday 13 April 2017. I followed one presentation on Thursday where a « security consultant » talked about state-sponsored hacking. Well, he did talk about a lot of other stuff such as Ransomware, Password Managers etc but those are mainstream subjects. I was interested in the subject of state-sponsored hacking. In the slide the presenter mentioned “cybercriminel” rather than “hacker”.

Is a hacker a cybercriminal?

That’s an interesting topic but it’s not within the scope of this blog post.

I could not attend the second day of the event but Ajay attended the rest of the days. In fact, both Ajay and Pritvi, an executive member of the Linux User Group, stayed for longer hours on Saturday while mentoring the participants. Pritvi stayed the whole night as the hackthon lasted 24-hours. On Saturday night I stopped by for a few minutes and met them.

On Sunday I arrived at the CyberTower 1 shortly after 10h00. The participants looked tired, due to lack of sleep most probably, but the enthusiasm was still there. Ajay was helping some participants with a PHP module that was not well configured on their Kali Linux virtual machine. I greeted them and wished the participants luck.

What was the objective?

The participants were required to develop a security solution to protect government websites and resources from cyber attacks. They​ had 24 hours to come up with a solution and during that time they were assisted by mentors.

At 15h00 the ceremony started.

The jury panel was divided in two parts. A technical panel where the jury had already given scores after looking at the work/code of the participants and another panel who would give scores based on the quality of the presentation.

#RiSk[Solutions] hackathon - Jury panel

Members of the jury panel wore red t-shirt, mentors wore green, those from the organizing committee wore yellow and participants were in blue.

The first team that presented encountered a technical issue, which is very common when using virtual machines. Since they changed network after moving to the presentation room the machine IP address changes and possibly if they’re on bridged network the virtual machine’s address changes too.

The teams that did their presentations are in the following order:

S. Moonesamy (SM) live streamed the presentations and jury questions on Periscope. They are available at:

After the presentations the jury members moved to a different room to discuss and tally the scores while the participants and attendees received a musical show by Indian artists. SM, Yash and I went downstairs in search of food but unfortunately on a Sunday none of the cafe or shop is opened in Cybertower 1. We came back upstairs and had a chat with Ajay. A few minutes later the musical/dance show was over and the jury panel was ready to announce the winning teams.

Zakiya called Pritvi on stage among others to offer the second prize. As she did that she reminded it’s unique about Pritvi to be helping through several user groups in Mauritius and not just the Linux User Group.

Cybercure won the first prize!

Two special prizes were also given to Intruso and Team X.

I hope everyone who participated drew some good lessons from this experience. I wish you all luck in your next hackathon. :-)

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