#StartupMauritius Panel Discussion, photo moments

January 4, 2016

It sprouted as a discussion on the Mauritius Internet Users (MIU) mailing list and ended being an impromptu panel discussion which LSL Digital gladly hosted at their premises, today, 4 January 2016. While many are still in the festive mood, it happened to be a great moment shared with like-minded folks. Oh thank you MIU, thank you LSL Digital, thank your dear panel members, and of course our jovial participants. I will not list names now as another blog post will follow after lexpress.mu publishes the video (^^,) …

For now, have fun with some photo moments.

Photo courtesy, Nirvan Pagooah

Sten Tamkivi, Nad Sivaramen

Nad Sivaramen, Director of Publications at La Sentinelle, welcoming Sten Tamkivi

S. Moonesamy

S. Moonesamy with his precious backpack ^^

Oops! Somebody caught me on the dark side, looks like :)

Vivek Mathur, Donald Lim Fat

Vivek Mathur, CEO of The Cloud Factory EMEA having a chat with Donald Lim-Fat from Information Management Services Ltd

Shelly Hermia Bhujun

Meanwhile our Mauritius Internet Users, Shelly was having fun and Shruti concentrating elsewhere :)

Arnaud Meslier, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Indian Ocean Islands, and Sten Tamkivi chatting

The panel members :)

S. Moonesamy gets in a more serious role

I assure you there was no fight (^^,) and on that note more to come on lexpress.mu soon ^^