Software Freedom Day

September 20, 2014

web-banner-chat-participatingYup! Let me start this post with Software Freedom Day. Actually, I forgot about it until this morning when I saw an email from the Free Software Foundation. The Software Freedom Day is an annual celebration that aims at creating awareness about free software. When we say « free » it’s not « gratis » … we mean free as in freedom. Software that gives you freedom of usage, study/modify and redistribution.

Ubuntu Mauritius, what's next?

Actually we had a meetup scheduled today at Pizza Perfect, Bagatelle at 11h00 to discuss about Ubuntu Mauritius and MIU (Mauritius Internet Users) activities. Oops! 11h00 wasn’t when I reached. I arrived 45 mins late & was naturally welcomed by a lecture on punctuality by SM. Ok, I really should apologize since this is the second time me not reaching on time.

Pritvi & I were actually in the bus & Saamiyah got in at Réduit. When we reached Pizza Perfect, Ajay & SM were having a chat. We arranged the tables for a larger group and shot some random topics before actually starting the meeting. Saamiyah needed a Fedora pendrive to try something. I ran a quick dd to get her that.

ubuntu-mauritius-220We then discussed about the activities of Ubuntu Mauritius, like since when the group exists and what are our plans. I gave details about creation of the group, who are the admins (Me & Nayar) and explained the aim is to create Ubuntu awareness in Mauritius, gather more members & hand over activities to folks who are dedicated and enthusiastic.

We discussed about having a channel operator for #ubuntu-mu which is currently registered by Ubuntu. Once we have enough activities we could also host pages on which is owned by Canonical.

Oh! Discussions were ON while munching pizza & some enjoying their burgers. I had a coke, then an awesome black coffee while others shot for cappuccino and milkshake.


Left to right: Vidush, Ajay and Me


Left to right: Pritvi, SM and Yudish

MIU discussions

Then followed a bunch of discussions about the Mauritius Internet Users mailing list. SM explained the aim of the group. After some brainstorming we agreed to define the group as follows:

MIU is a community of Internet users dedicated to the advancement of the Internet in Mauritius.

We discussed how the mailing list should be organized, if mail archives should be public, should we have a more appropriate domain name with the .mu ccTLD etc.

SM then tossed the main topic which was re-delegation of the .mu ccTLD. In fact, he recently was in discussions with ICTA and MIU group is appointing three representatives to participate in these discussions.

At some point we cracked in laughter when Ajay used my laptop to check something on Defi Media and found the website giving a « database connection error » …


Minutes of the meeting have been posted on the MIU discussion list. Have you not subscribed yet? Do it now! Just send subscribe to [email protected] and that should be all.

Who made it today?

Ajay, SM, Sherlock, Yudish, Jagveer, Kev, Vidush, Pritvi, Saamiyah and me.