Search your Facebook posts

July 8, 2015

Last night I posted about searching one’s own tweets. While I shared the article a friend asked about “how to search your Facebook posts”. I guess many people must have seen how frustrating facebook search could be; especially if you’re looking for your own (status) posts.

How to search your Facebook posts?

Everything that you post/share on your wall or someone else’s wall, is called an activity. Activities are logged. Well, log is a common technical term among the IT folks. In the general sense, we may say all activities are recorded. So, when you need to search for something you have posted or shared, it’s in the activity log that you should to look. The activity log is different from the top-left search box that you see in Facebook. To access the activity log you may click on the drop-down arrow next to the privacy icon (blue padlock) on the top-right side of Facebook.

Search your Facebook posts, Activity Log

You may then search the activity log using a key word used in your earlier posts. For example, I searched for mini-meetup and I could find a status post dated 3 October 2013.

Search your Facebook posts

When you hover your mouse on the post a timestamp shows up and you can click on the same to visit the actual post with all the comments, likes and shares.

Search your Facebook posts