Saturday Geek Chat

July 19, 2014

Another Saturday booked with ideas brainstorming. During the week Jochen pinged me about a possible meeting to discuss upcoming events as being organized by Government institutions. Yeah, of course, we’re always in to help making things better.

This morning the meetup was scheduled as 11h00 at MOKA’Z. Never been there before but I heard it’s a cozy place. Good for a change. Aww! The usual issue with Saturdays, I wake up late (^^,) … Yeah! I’m tuned to nightingale stuffs on Fridays and those moments eat up some hours of the Saturday mornings.

With all the rush I reached Helvetia at 11h30. Walked fast till “Les Allées d’Helvétia”. Looked around and found JoKi engaged in talks while his kids were having merry time in the new place.


JoKi introduced me to Anthony, who came up with the different project ideas that we (LUGM & MSCC) can collaborate on. Well… Well… I am not going to spoil the fun because some fun projects are coming ahead. Will toss those in the upcoming LUGM meetings.

Yesterday, I shouted on facebook calling for free folks to join in a geek chat on Saturday afternoon at Bagatelle. JoKi also was heading to Bagatelle & I hitchhiked till the mall. As we arrived we met Yog who was one of the free folks to join the geek chat ( :

Yog and I went to Mugg & Bean while JoKi left with the kids for other stuffs that were on their agenda.

As we ordered food Veer joined in. Wasn’t tough to find Veg food, I took a Veggie Patch, Yog settled with a Blueberry Muffin and Veer randomly goes for a Chicken Mac after going through the menu card a dozen times.


Veggie Patch


Blueberry Muffin

Earlier when JoKi saw my t-shirt he smiled. Yup! I wore the FreeDa t-shirt by No To Biometric ID Card.


We had long hours of geek chat that revolved around world politics, computing, Linux, education, programming, PHP frameworks … to finally end with some shopping at InterMart.