Responsive Web Design as explained by Humeira Diljore

April 26, 2015

It was Friday morning, kinda early as I reached VoilĂ  Hotel for the second day of Developers Conference 2015. I knew I reached much before any session would start and yet I was surprised to find Humeira sitting in the lounge staring at her laptop. Aaww, she was tensed because of her presentation. She showed me her prez and asked for advice. While her slides, transitions, content were all good, I still found some extra element could be put. I told her to emphasize on the code and showcase her talent by writing some quick stuffs “live” during the prez.

Anyone attending the presentation must have already done some homework on what is “Responsive Web Design (RWD)”. Therefore, it wasn’t of much use to spend precious time on thoeries but rather those people would be more amazed to see with how much ease she could turn a rigid template into responsive.

I have been reading her blog posts for some time and yes, Humeira is someone with good WebDev skills. All she needed was showcasing the same during her prez. She gladly took the advice and adjusted a couple of stuffs to rock the floor later. Her prez was scheduled in the afternoon slot but I could understand her early morning tension. That was the pressure of being a presenter at DevCon :-) You got to be ready for all sorts of questions that could be shot at you.

RWD in action RWD in action

I had a lazy lunch with folks that day. When I came back Sun was making arrangements to get additional chairs to the “Accelerator” room. Humeira’s prez was a “house full” session and some folks were even sitting on the floor.

House full at the RWD session House full at the RWD session

Damn! I was late. By the time I reached the “Accelerator” room where the prez was scheduled, it was over. Humeira was sitting and discussing code.

I was glad though, that she survived the Developers Conference 2015 :-) Hope she rocks it again next year.

Photo courtesy, Pritvi Jheengut. Hmm… Next time fix the camera’s date ;-) Humeira’s slides are available at