Qemu-KVM, VM with shared folder

February 9, 2013
linux command-line virtualization

Start a VM from command line with a shared folder on the host machine:

qemu -m 1024 /data/VM/Windows_XP/Windows_XP.img -usbdevice tablet -full-screen -vga std -net nic -net user,smb /path_to/foldername

It’s the -smb option that does the trick. It requires samba for sharing resources (using cifs protocol). “-usbdevice tablet” regulates the cursor flow correctly on notebooks. “-vga std” enables better resolution. “-full-screen” starts the VM in full screen mode. Use Ctrl + Alt + F to restore window mode. “-m” specifies the amount of RAM in megabytes.

The share is then accessible on the VM through \\qemu.

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