Privacy Compliance Assessment App taken down from the Data Protection Office website

December 29, 2015

Privacy Compliance can be a tedious process if one is not well versed with the Data Protection Act of Mauritius. As such, if you’re an organization that handles & processes personal information, you need to thoroughly understand the Privacy Laws of Mauritius.

A bunch of developers and enthusiasts, in collaboration with the Data Protection Office, launched a Privacy Compliance Assessment App. In fact, during the Developers Conference 2015, Mrs Drudeisha Madhub, the Data Protection Commissioner, presented the App and gave a discourse on privacy.

Privacy Compliance Assessment App

S. Moonesamy assisting Mrs Madhub during the presentation at DevCon 2015

Take Down!

Until a few days ago, there was a link on the Data Protection Office website to the Privacy Compliance Assessment App. When I noticed the link was removed, I sent an email to the Data Protection Commissioner querying the same. I did not receive a reply. S. Moonesamy contacted the commissioner. He did not receive a reply either.

The Data Protection Office website is managed and maintained by the Government Online Centre.