Presentation on Vagrant provisioning

March 30, 2017

There was a presentation on Vagrant provisioning by Patrick Morin at the Developers Conference 2017.

Developers Conference 2017 - Vagrant/Docker

I was like ten minutes late when I entered the room. It was right after lunch and with all the talking and eating happening at the same time I was bound to be late.

Patrick spoke about Vagrant. He explained the concept around a Vagrant box and gave an example of a Vagrantfile. Though he admits it hasn’t been long since he’s been messing around with Vagrant, he was comfortable with the subject.

He talked about Vagrant provisioning tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Docker and Chef. He also mentioned about Bash scripts that can be used for provisioning. There are also Vagrant providers like Amazon Web Services, VMware and Google Cloud.

Patrick Morin works at Esokia Web Agency and they mainly use Chef for Vagrant provisioning. He also talked about Docker. The topic of Docker provisioning brought a few questions which Patrick tried to answer.

I particularly liked his experience on Google Cloud and Kubernetes.

As his presentation reached an end he quickly demoed provisioning of Vagrant boxes. At that time though the screens of VoilĂ  Hotel ditched us and would erratically lose display, Patrick kept his calm and tried his best to explain the ideas behind his technical demo.

It was a sweet presentation packed with a bunch of information. It’s a pity that not a lot of people made it to this session.