Panel discussion, the Start-up scene in Mauritius

January 11, 2016

I received a tweet by Sten Tamkivi by late December and his quest for knowing more about start-ups in Mauritius took a serious turn when S. Moonesamy triggered that discussion on the Mauritius Internet Users mailing list. A few emails went to and fro. It wasn’t long since the whole thing turned into a “prospective” panel discussion and there was a need for a location. LSL Digital generously offered its premises and it also offered to video shoot the discussion. The event was announced for the 4th of January since Sten was leaving Mauritius the next day.

S. Moonesamy did a fantastic task by coordinating with people who could contribute in the panel discussion, in the very last week of December. It is commendable that many people replied positively for the event despite the festive season and having family commitments. I particularly appreciated the participation of the Ministry of Technology, Communication & Innovation. It’s a positive sign to see such collaboration with the internet community.

Panel discussion, the start-up scene in Mauritius

Photo, courtesy of L’express

The discussion was co-hosted by Ruth Rajaysur from La Sentinelle and S. Moonesamy from the Mauritius Internet Users. Panel members were as follows:

Sten Tamkivi, Co-founder of Teleport Denis Lacour, Esokia Web Agency Suraj Ramgolam, Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation Ish Sookun, Mauritius Internet Users Vivek Mathur, CEO of The Cloud Factory EMEA Donald Lim Fat, CEO of Information Management Services

Videos are available in four parts on Vincent Pollet from attended the event and wrote Startup : Où en sommes nous?

S. Moonesamy thanked LSL Digital for offering the venue and called for people with expertise to be able to follow up on the event.