Paneer Frankie at Khansama Indian Dhaba

July 9, 2016
mauritius food restaurant

Paneer was not much known in Mauritius when I was a kid. Over the years, the «Indian cheese» got very popular and can now be seen as served even during wedding dinners, receptions etc. Much of its popularity can be attributed to a growing population of vegetarians. Oh, and before I’m shot with questions, I’m saying that based on a «feeling» and no scientific study ? …

If you’re in Mauritius and looking for a place to taste some great paneer, I suggest you try the “Paneer Frankie” at this Indian restaurant in Quatre Bornes called Khansama Indian Dhaba. It is found on the main road next to Shabaan restaurant.

Paneer Frankie at Khansama Indian Dhaba

Dhaba is how roadside restaurants are called in India, similar as we call such restaurants «snack» in Mauritian Creole.

I first tasted the Paneer Frankie at Khansama Indian Dhaba when I was working at Orange Business Services. It would be like a 5 minutes drive from Ébène. That was back in 2013 and last week I visited the restaurant again while I was in Quatre Bornes for shopping. It was refreshing to have a sweet Lassi and a Paneer Frankie. So refreshing it was that I decided to have a Paneer Frankie for brunch today too.

Shelly was kind enough tolerating my tantrum for more Paneer.

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