Orange connection box hanging on the pole

September 5, 2015

In April of this year, a Pepsi lorry broke my Orange connection box & phone cable from the Mauritius Telecom pole. I was deprived of landline & internet for a few days. The same day I reported the incident to the nearby Police station and we called Orange/MT from the station itself. It was a Saturday. By Tuesday of the following week, Mauritius Telecom’s technicians came to fix the line. I wasn’t at home when they came. My mother informed them it was the second time that the connection box was broken by a passing lorry and that it would be better if they fixed the box higher on the pole. It was not done.

Last week another lorry came by and broke the connection box again. Luckily enough, this time the cables are still connected. Therefore, I do have internet and I am able to blog :)

To remedy the situation I sent a message Orange/MT on their email address which is published on I prefer communicating by email since I have a record of the message.

Orange connection box

I wrote that currently the Orange connection box is hanging like a “pawpaw” on the pole. Under strong winds it can fall any time :-/ and I’ll be deprived of internet. I do not know the frequency at which the Orange staff checks the email but I hope he/she does soon.

Nope! I’m not going to call on 8900, it is traumatizing.