Operation desk clean-up

December 29, 2013

Festive season! Yeah … You get to see happy people everywhere. It’s fun & beautiful. However enjoyment does bring other stuffs as well, like house clean-up etc. Yesterday I was able to evade things by leaving home early and spending my day around Bagatelle working on a couple of stuffs with the laptop. I also met Nilesh who needed to fix a few programs. Gave him a little help & did some FOSS advocacy at the same time :-)

When I was back home I felt a bad since mom had been doing all the cleaning alone. I can’t be of great help with the house cleaning since I always mess up instead of doing real work. I however took up with my room since mom left that one. The last time she cleaned-up my desk & stuffs I created havoc! Yup, I love my trash. Anything goes missing from the desk & I feel a brain-damage. This time I took it on myself.

That was something like 2 hours of cleaning & the desk smelled like fresh. Nice! I plugged the laptops, monitor, network cables etc. It ended being a cozy setup. I usually have one laptop plugged at home & the other I keep with me on the move. This time I made a different setup to have space for both laptops, my monitor & enough of writing space as well.

The desk looks definitely more decent than before. I would have cleaned up the bookshelf as well but then dad asked me what to keep & what to dispose of from the store? Hmm … Well, the store contains a lot of LCDs, Printers, Hard Drives etc … It’s a treasure trove indeed but I had no time today to check which is still in working state & what to dispose of. I just re-organized stuffs in the shelf & cleaned up things around. Beginning of next year I should go through the inventory again and maybe there’s a lot that can be donated.

Coming back to my desk setup, I used synergy to share the same keyboard & mouse alongwith both laptops.

Synergy is available from the Manjaro repository. Installation is straightforward.

sudo pacman -S synergy

I wouldn’t say cleaning-up was fun but I do like the end-result. Wish you all happy cleaning!

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