New recruits joining the gang

October 2, 2013
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Having an intervention later at night, I was free this morning. Great! I could use the time to attend MSCC meetup.

When I reached Mugg & Bean, Jochen was there alone having tea. Greeted him and took a seat. Cool! He brought the books recently sponsored by O’Reilly. I took the Developing Business Intelligence Apps for Sharepoint and flipped a few pages. Then looked at the huge 1,500+ pages Python book :) It’s nice to see stuffs coming as sponsorship. I then told Jochen about my technical review for Packt Publishing. I’ll write a separate article about this later. Jochen also shared his experience with Packt Publishing.

Parwez, a new recruit at the MSCC joined in. Jochen introduced me as they both know each other since a long time. We then talked about work stuffs, being passionate about IT.

Pawan called & reached around 10h00. He’s another new recruit in the gang. Pawan is actually in search of some mentoring in IT. I met him at Ambre Hotel during the weekend and when he told me about his plans to start a career in IT, I suggested he meets the folks at MSCC & LUGM. Cool! He came today. I introduced him to Jochen & Parwez. He then explained why he wants to be an IT guy and asked us for some guidance. Jochen cleared some of his doubts and explained him the advantages of being in web development at the moment; how things are moving to the cloud etc. We talked about backend design stuffs. Jochen also shared his 30 days of Sharepoint experience. MSCC meetup reached it’s end earlier this week, around 11h00.

Pawan & I, then went to Food Lover’s Market. I ordered a cheese toast & tea and we resumed our conversation about IT, life & stuffs. Neha & Darshinee were supposed to come around 13h30 and Pawan accompanied me till I waited for them. So, during that time I showed Pawan a couple of tricks on Linux Mint. At 13h00 we moved back to Mugg & Bean. I took a Mocha Java and plugged my laptop to the power socket; battery was draining by now. Neha & Darshinee indeed came around 13h30 and we discussed about their HTML project. Pawan’s cousin, Antish came a while later. It was nice to meet him. He’s another IT guy and Linux user. Cool! He told us a bit about his work at MBC. It’s always nice to hear others’ work experiences. They both left after a while. Neha, Darshinee & me, we continued discussing the project; had some HTML fun time. By the time we finished the discussion I had 4 Mocha Javas.

I leave this question as some food for thought.

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