National Commercial Bank runs on Wix

April 27, 2015

I received an email on the Mauritius Internet Users ML regarding the “privacy policy” of the National Commercial Bank’s website. The email made reference to a press article mentioning that the National Commercial Bank “Internet Banking” facility is now operational.

Consequently, I went on the website to check the privacy policy. For the sake of information, we had a presentation slot during the recent Developers Conference whereby the Data Protection Commissioner laid emphasis on “Privacy by Design”.

When I checked the website,, more than any privacy policy I was intrigued by the “design”. Something was fishy about the page. My little finger was telling me I should check the webpage source and I did. webpage source webpage source

Damn. Is that website built on Wix? No, seriously O.o …

What is Wix? is a leading cloud-based web development platform with millions of users worldwide. We make it simple for everyone to create a beautiful, professional web presence. No creative limits, no coding skills needed to get your business online.

- As taken from Packages Packages

Therefore, the bank’s homepage is currently built on a cloud service outside Mauritius and the website does not specify a privacy policy.

It makes me automatically question the bank’s seriousness on Internet Security and Data Protection. Besides, the screenshot provided to the press shows an IP address of I do not find it professional for this piece of information to reach the press.

Lastly, there is no information about the registrant of Could we trust

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