MSCC meetup – Voyage to mystery worlds

September 11, 2013
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I missed the last couple of MSCC meetups but was lucky to attend today’s. I reached Mugg & Bean around 10h15 and Jochen was having tea while his wife Mary-Jane was net-surfing. I greeted both and took a seat. Jochen inquired about my health which has been troubling me since a few weeks and also about my “gecko” eye. The healthy conversation did not take much time to turn into tech. Jochen was telling me about his computer which now seems to have a kaput motherboard. He explained how he was able to use the SATA hard drive with a USB connector/convertor and boot into it with his laptop. The hard drive contained Ubuntu. Now, that would have been a real pain-in-the-ass if it had Windows instead. This is when we again cheered for Linux. By this time Mary-Jane was getting bored, so, she left for some shopping rather.

Some while later Nayar came. We talked about his project. He told us how he is planning to apply fuzzy logic in his application. That was something interesting which I got to learn. We discussed the philosophy of being a software craftsman; how a software craftsman makes use of various tools to get tasks done rather than using only one tool and making a mess.

Conversation then went to another dimension and we talked about time travel, ancient mysteries, UFO, knowledge of scriptures etc. After an awesome voyage to the mystery worlds, we came back to reality and continued with software/coding. We explained Nayar how he can make better use of his blog and power his résumé/profile through that.

Meetup finished sometime around noon I think and before leaving I politely requested the waiter to take a picture of the MSCC geeks.

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