MSCC meetup – Fun with Brainbench Games :)

October 23, 2013
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The weekly MSCC meetup happened today at Mugg & Bean. I got down of the bus at 09h52. By the time I reached Mugg & Bean Jochen told me that Yann had just left. Wanted to meet Yann to have a quick convo regarding the Penguin Costume for Linuxfest 2013. Well, Yann should be coming on Saturday as well, so we can discuss there.

Jochen & Parvez were having a nice chat regarding next year’s Developers Conference. I connected my Kindle with Mugg & Bean’s wifi & joined the conversation. Jochen has some great plans for the conference. In fact, he’s the one who boosted my ideas regarding Linuxfest 2013.

A short while later Parvez had to leave. Jochen & I continued the discussion around Developers Conference. Then we talked about the Brainbench games. What’s that? Brainbench provides online certification & aptitude tests. It provides over 550+ paid certifications and some 600 free tests. The tests are great tools to self-assess one’s aptitude. I played for a while when Jochen posted about that on facebook earlier and my scores made me smile! Initially Jochen had some issues displaying his transcripts publicly but after querying the Brainbench team it seems those will go live this evening.

Jochen brought his new toy which he blogged about recently – AOC USB Portable Monitor.

The monitor has a glossy display & supports a decent resolution of 1366 x 786. The quality of display is impressive keeping in mind that it’s USB powered. More fun was when he rotated the monitor, display is rotated as well. This may come handy when you have a long documentation to follow.

Those who’re interested in buying the USB Portable Monitor can visit Vengineers.

Meetup ended at 11h00 & I went to work.

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