MSCC meetup – 24.07.2013

July 24, 2013
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Yes, I attended another MSCC (Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community) meetup today.

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This morning luckily I got a lift by Kishan. When I reached Mugg & Bean, Jochen and Simon were already geared in some discussion. Soon the topic came on JavaScript which took Simon on fire since he hates it. Jochen explained about the beauty of AngularJS and how we can incorporate it in our projects without having the hassle of writing complex scripts to take care of cross-browser issues. He also showed us the magic of Kendo UI which is a JQuery framework and we watched a video tutorial on his laptop. I first read about Kendo UI when I was researching HTML5 mobile apps. It didn’t catch my attention that much then. In fact, I build things on Twitter Bootstrap framework. So, I shared some experience I had with Bootstrap, how it preserves mobile responsiveness etc.

Some time later Jean Noel came who is a fresh member of MSCC. Nayar also came and brought along another of his University friend. That’s the spirit of geek culture buddy, Nayar said his friend had an issue with grub on his laptop. I tried reviving grub by chrooting and repairing it but it seemed my knowledge of grub commands have gone a bit rusty since I moved from Linkbynet. I googled and installed ‘boot-repair’ on the Live Ubuntu session instead. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out. I explained Nayar and his friend about the File System Hierarchy Standard (FHS) so they can apply better partitioning next time.

Simon lead the discussion when he talked about the Assembly stuffs and an evil empire called “Intel”. He explained us the difference between Assembly instruction set for Intel and Arm. This discussion was very interesting and inspiring. In fact, when I got back to office I googled for the Arm Assembly instruction set to expand knowledge about the topic.

Around 11h30 we left and Jochen was kind enough to drop me at Cyber Tower II since I had to go to work.

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