MSCC – Code & Coffee

December 4, 2013
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A beautiful Wednesday morning, the weather was just fine. I got a bit late getting ready, so I had to rush to the bus-stop. Anyway, I’d missed the Port-Louis bus … Like that I arrived at Bagatelle Mall at 10h40 instead of 10h00. Nayar reached earlier and was surely somewhere around. I called him & went to Mugg & Bean as Code & Coffee meetup was scheduled.

The fun thing about Wednesday’s Code & Coffee meetup is that we don’t really have pre-defined topics to discuss. You just come along, meet other developers/like-minded geeks and get in a coding chat.

####Who made it today?

Nayar Joolfoo, Om Gokhool, Yannick Labonne, Minesh Ramchurn, Nilesh Callychurn & me. Jochen not being in Mauritius at the moment didn’t make it today.

Nayar & I looked at some python code I was playing with. He explained me when to use input and when I should use raw_input. That was cool because the way I had written the piece of code interpreted an integer value as string. Om tossed the topic about Java since he’s been learning that for a while. We discussed about various languages such as C++, Python & Java, their ease of grasp & portability etc.

All the discussions were happening while having some Ginger Beer & potato wedges.

Yannick shared his thoughts on having study groups as we proposed in earlier meetups. He has in fact identified a suitable place at the University of Mauritius. Well, when it comes to learning stuffs I’m always in. We should surely discuss it further during 14th December’s MSCC meetup and see who else is joining the study group.

Nilesh & Minesh are rather graphic nerds than coders. They both adore photography, graphic design & the fine arts. In fact, Minesh astounded us with the quickie sketch he made on my Kindle tablet while we were having the coding fun.

A quick sketch by Minesh on Kindle SketchBook.

We were so much impressed by his work that we asked him teach us a couple of tricks & he did another eye drawing using crayons & paper.

Today’s meetup was not just knowledge enriching but a lot of fun & laughs too.

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