MSCC – Code & Coffee with geeks

October 10, 2013
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One of the best things I adore with my current job is the shift. I get the flexibility of attending meetups like MSCC Code & Coffee.

I wasn’t late this time, in fact, I reached first. Shortly after Jochen came and then Nitin. Both of them threw their first comments at my office look. Yes, I abide to the office dress code some times. :P

Nirvan came a few minutes later.

Nitin pointed that he’s not able to connect to his VPS. He did some firewall experiments last night and kicked himself out of the VPS. He could not connect back since then. I showed him how to activate the serial console and get hands on the server.

At some point we made comments about hairstyles (don’t know how this topic started though) and we were kinda shocked that Jochen had long hair during his college days. When he told us those stories we just couldn’t stop laughing. Next I shot at Nirvan that we need someone to do MSCC presentation during Linuxfest 2013 and he was the lucky nominee. Nitin volunteered to help-in. Jochen will mentor both of them to get some good stuffs ready.

While Nirvan was taking the pictures, Jochen asked about the Nexus camera and we discussed photo editing stuffs. I’ve had some nice GIMPing time the last few weeks which I shared with them. Jochen told us about Lightroom and the open source equivalent LightZone (I messed it up earlier & posted darktable which looks good too). Nirvan & I left earlier since I had to go to office and Nirvan to the university. The other two geeks continued some Apache talks.

Photos, courtesy of Nirvan Pagooah.

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