MSCC, Code & Coffee 2017

January 11, 2017
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It’s been a long time since I attended any Code & Coffee meetup by the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community. As the Developers Conference is nearing, I stopped by Bagatelle Mall today to have a chit-chat about the conference with MSCC folks.

In fact, I hit road early today, well I should rather say like every day, to drop my brother and Shelly to work. Since Monday it’s been a pain to be stuck in traffic in the morning. This morning I took alternate routes and so I arrived at Vida e Caffe before nine. They were closed.

I sat on the wooden bench in front of the cafe and connected to the mall’s free WiFi. I obtained a nice internet speed.

Code & Coffee, Bagatelle Mall free WiFI

By 09h20 the coffee shop was still closed. I continued drafting my blog post.

A few minutes later JoKi arrived and we had a casual geek chat. He asked about my plans for this year’s Developers Conference; particularly inquiring about the position of the Linux User Group of Mauritius. I said that I’ll leave that to the Managing Committee (MC) of LUGM and most probably Nirvan will catch up on the LUGM activities for this year’s conference. Updates about those should be coming soon but at least on my end I’ll be bringing copies of popular Linux distros. ? ?

Shortly afterwards Nirvan and Bramdeo came. Though all three of us are MC members of the Linux User Group, we couldn’t hide our disappointment over the lack of activities and initiatives during the past year. Since the Linux festival during Developers Conference 2016 there haven’t been any other activity under the LUGM banner. That was sad and we should definitely catch up this year.

Code & Coffee 2017

We then discussed about getting more people, companies and government organizations on board. Each of us had our share of tasks to make the event a great one.

Bramdeo left around 10h15 and just a couple of minutes later Nadheer from the PHP Users Group joined us, followed by Simon and Sandeep. Folks were discussing about programming paradigms while I had a look at my emails and was able catch up with a couple of pending stuffs.

It was great to meet folks and chit-chat over coffee and have an out-of-office work session as well.

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