MNIC: TV Communiqué following website privacy issue

May 20, 2014

As notified by folks earlier, I sat to watch the bit of news that talked about the MNIC website on JT 19h30 MBC 1. Basically it was a communiqué from the Prime Ministers Office. The message was to assure population that MNIC website is independent and not related to the MNIS project database, which is “highly secured”.

I should however re-highlight that my original article stated that citizens information like Name, Addresses, Date of Birth, National ID numbers, Email Addresses, Gender, and their Message (comprising of feedback & complaints) were publicly available on the MNIC website. I also highlighted the fact that the data was being stored on Google Drive. A Google Drive account we don’t know to whom it belongs.

My original article was never addressed to the MNIS Project. It concerned the MNIC website privacy issue & the website’s overall code quality.

The communiqué didn’t accept nor deny the fact that citizens information were publicly available on the website. It only repeated something we all already know, the MNIC website is NOT hosted on the MNIS Project facilities.