mict.gov.mu goes offline

October 7, 2014

A while ago S. Moonesamy posted on the Mauritius Internet Users discussion list that he cannot access the Mauritius ICT Ministry’s (mict.gov.mu) website. He asked on the mailing list if others were having the problem. On my end, I tested and all pages opened fine. Another folk, Benoit, then replied he’s able to access through the Mauritius Telecom (MT) connection only.

That could mean queries passing through Mauritius Telecom’s DNS servers resolved fine. SM replied Benoit’s email and insisted that he is still having the issue and received errors even while sending an email to CERT-MU.

To test things further on my end, I changed my DNS settings to use Google’s DNS servers.

# echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf

This time indeed ICT Ministry’s website would not open. I ran some DNS tests and …. SURPRISE! mict.gov.mu exists no more.


Host mict.gov.mu not found

However, www.gov.mu and other Government sub-domains resolve fine.


Government Portal (www.gov.mu) is still alive


Prime Minister’s Office website is alive as well

Technically this leaves the Mauritius ICT Ministry’s website inaccessible from outside Mauritius.

The above commands run on Linux machines. Windows users can follow these instructions to switch to Google’s DNS servers.

Update #1 - 8 Oct 2014, 18h00

mict.gov.mu resolves now.

Update #2 - 12 Oct 2014, 10h37

Published in L’Express Dimanche newspaper:


Photo courtesy, Hassenjee R