Microsoft Windows Command Line Cheat-Sheet

October 6, 2013
command-line windows microsoft

I can imagine my friends’ sarcastic smiles when they will read this post. Being an open source advocate I don’t often write about Microsoft Windows or other proprietary software.

Well, during the day I had a discussion on facebook with Sacheetabye who was having trouble getting XAMPP to work on her Windows machine. I tried helping her through the various screenshots she sent me but it finally got solved when she gave me hands on the machine through TeamViewer. That’s when I used some Windows commands to find my way around. Later when she told me she found the “geek way” fascinating I realised I could compile a couple of Windows commands into a cheat sheet. I’m no expert in Windows but I can surely start a cheat sheet and I’m sure the other Windows geeks around will help me make it a complete one.

The cheat sheet is available in PDF.

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