Mauritius Internet Users: Public Archives

March 29, 2015

In the recent months the Mauritius Internet Users (MIU) group gained traction. Between February and March only the mailing list received a traffic of over 500 emails. The community is rising and I am happy about it. One of the bottlenecks with registration was when explaining people how to send an email requesting subscription. It appears in a world where we expect everything to be at the click of a button, communication with real beings is regarded as weird.

Thus S. Moonesamy (SM) started a discussion themed “Web access to read messages”.

There was a discussion last year about web access to read messages sent to this mailing list. I would like to experiment with web access so that people can read the messages through the web.
Please post a message to the mailing list if you have an opinion about the above.
Regards, S. Moonesamy

The discussion garnered the participation of a few Internet users and the result was that SM provided a simpler page to subscribe/unsubscribe from the mailing list as well as providing public archives starting 24 February 2015.


The Mauritius Internet Users mailing list is a place where Internet users can share information about Internet in Mauritius and trigger discussions.


Discussions about the state of the .mu ccTLD on the mailing list resulted in having the participation of the Mauritius Internet Users in a Multi Stakeholder Forum for the .mu ccTLD redelegation. If you’d like to provide your opinion on the subject and contribute, you’re most welcome to join :-)