Mauritius Internet Users - discussion list

July 6, 2014

Months ago Subramanian (SM as we call him) created a mailing list which he labelled the Mauritius Internet Users (MIU) mailing list. The address is [email protected]. Wait! You cannot just send an email to that address. You need to subscribe first.

What is a mailing list?

As per Wikipedia, a mailing list is a collection of names and addresses used by an individual or an organization to send material to multiple recipients.

There are mainly two types of mailing lists. One where the recipients can only receive emails; this is typically used for periodical announcements and newsletters. The other is called a discussion list, where every subscriber can post to the list and all recipients receive those.

MIU is thus a discussion list.

In the beginning, the discussion list wasn’t that crowdy and conversation was slow-going. However, in recent weeks, with much tra-la-la happening in the IT field of Mauritius I’ve seen a rise in the discussions. Most are very useful & informative discussions. Anyone who uses Internet (at any level) should be a member of this list. I think it’ll be a great thing to put Mauritians in the forefront where they can brainstorm ideas and make the IT situation a lot better.

How to subscribe?

At the moment SM hasn’t provided a subscription page but surely he will once there is a surge in subscriptions. For now you just have to send an email with subject-line as “subscribe” to [email protected]


Once you get a subscription confirmation from SM, you can post your question, observation or a topic for discussion on the following address:

Mauritius Internet Users