Mauritian Government Portal #joke

August 14, 2014

A wise man once told me, do one thing & do it well. However, wise folks in the Government are doing many things & doing them bad.

Remember some time ago I published about a Sharepoint configuration blunder on the Mauritian Government Portal, you may still watch the video here thanks to folks from the NoTo Biometricks platform. Apart from the Sharepoint config, I mentioned several other issues that make me wary about the work quality & keeping my trust on these people to safeguard my biometric details.

I was reading about Human Rights stuffs online and I happen to come across the Government Portal. I looked at the Human Rights Commission complaint form. We’re in 2014 and our Government which is racing with modernisation still uses PDF eforms. My dear Gov folks, Adobe Reader doesn’t support Linux anymore. Please consider this when planning your modern solutions.

Though, PDF eforms are still better than using Google Forms on a Government owned website (^^,) ...

What's wrong with the PDF eforms?

The forms do not work on Linux machines. So, to make a complaint I need a Microsoft Windows License to use Windows and then install Adobe Reader. In a way Government is either endorsing proprietary products (which cost money) or letting citizens use pirated software to be able to make a complaint online.

Aww! Is that just a trivial issue (ti problem maybe)? Then how about “agreeing” to this blank disclaimer on the Attorney General’s Office website.


Image source, screenshot taken from Attorney General's website disclaimer page.

Folks, you can’t manage your web content, you leave security loopholes, you do not patch your servers on time … and you bully citizens to give their fingerprints. Really, you are a joke.

To add more to the joke, I’m going to relate another story. A few days ago I shared this video on facebook and asked my friends if they can provide me the location, which was the Government Portal. It was actually found in the Media Library of the Prime Minister’s Office website. Days later, the video including “Maid with the Flaxen Hair” audio clip were removed. Now, my dear Gov folks, you just cleaned it up because someone posted about it on facebook. You however didn’t use a small part of the brain to check why the content was there. Never mind, you still have a chance. The same video and “Maid with the Flaxen Hair” audio clip can be found on the Data Protection Office media library.


Image source, screenshot taken from Data Protection Office media library page.

I guess once people start talking about this on the social networks, these content will be removed too, maybe without bothering why they were there in the first place.