MariaDB migration

May 11, 2013
database mariadb

I was first tipped on the MariaDB project by Ronny (my ex-manager). At that time to my surprise he even announced my name in the LUG mail list to do a MariaDB presentation. In short notice I had to research and prepare a couple of slides. So, that’s how it all started with MariaDB. I contacted Colin Charles from the Monty Program and grabbed as much information as I could. He also gave me some presentation slides. today is proudly running on MariaDB :)

When saying that MariaDB is a drop-in replacement of MySQL, it’s true! If you have an existing MySQL instance, you just have to remove mysql-server and install mariadb-server. There is no need to dump & restore databases since the binary files remain compatible with MariaDB. You may however do your regular database backup

MySQL/MariaDB database daily backup

October 24, 2013
bash database mariadb

InnoDB Error Log File is of Different Size

May 19, 2013
mysql database

Oracle Database Startup / Shutdown

March 16, 2013
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