Lunch at Pizza Perfect

June 19, 2013
mauritius food restaurant

On week days during lunch I usually go to Bagatelle Mall or Pizza Perfect. In the region there (among Pizza Perfect, Panarottis & Food Lover’s Market) the best milkshake we’ve had is at Pizza Perfect. A vanilla milkshake with some ice cream, it’s just awesome. Today Nitin Bachraz wanted to have a milkshake. We went to Pizza Perfect and at 14h30 there’s usually no hussle-bussle. Orders are served quickly too compared to others at Bagatelle Mall.

I was broke, so lunch was on Nitin (^^,) and there he chose a vegetarian pizza called Mafiosa, 23 cm (chili sauce, onion, green pepper and garlic) at Rs 200. I never tried this one before because of the chili thing. Today I said ok let’s try it. Milkshake came first which tasted great as usual then came the pizza. I took a first bite and said “nice”. It had that mild chili taste that makes you want more. We did not ask for more cheese but it seemed to have a lot already, which was just great. The staff personnel are very welcoming and they have a great service. Sometimes I go there alone or with colleagues later in the afternoon and we enjoy the beginning of sunset. Birds fly over the mountain and forest. It’s really cool to lunch or dine in that atmosphere.

Well, with that it was a nice lunch moment away from Orange for us.

The next time you want to experiment on some pizza and you happen to be around Bagatelle, consider having a Mafiosa.

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