Linux Mint 17 "Qiana" Cinnamon - Installation #1 fail

June 8, 2014

Two days ago I tweeted I’m downloading Linux Mint 17 “Qiana” Cinnamon. A first trial was scheduled for the week-end. I pulled out the HP Compaq laptop.

First things first, need to make a Live pendrive.


Next thing, booting the laptop with the pendrive. All is clear. No glitches, boot time is decent enough. The desktop looks like nothing new though. So, I didn’t explore much & dived straight for an install.


Aww! That is mom’s laptop running Manjaro Linux. I bargained it with another one running SUSE Linux Enterprise. She’s happy with that for the moment.

I did the usual partitioning with a swap, a root and a home partition. Installation was proceeding smoothly. Four minutes into copying files & BOOM! Ubiquity shoots an error.


The error indicated there could be problems with the installation media, which in this case would be the pendrive. The Live pendrive creation process had completed without errors and I had no reason to doubt any problem coming from there.

Could the problem come from a corrupt download? I checked the md5 hash, which should be 1c3fef2117fad9c9bc905abdeb474ac1 for the 64-bit version as published on the Linux Mint 17 download page.


Aaargh! They match. By this time, I was already feeling hungry & I didn’t have energy to look into the installation errors. Mission abort! Installation #1 fail!

Also, while I had to copy the screenshots on another pendrive, it looks like automount went nuts.


I manually mounted the pendrive & copied the screenshots.

I’ll try the installation afterwards & still if errors persist, I’ll file the bugs with relevant information.