LEAD Summit 2016

August 13, 2016

Folks at the University of Mauritius organized the LEAD Summit 2016. I received an invitation to talk about Creativity and Innovation. Those have been trendy words in recent times; while last year we even saw a Ministry of Innovation (to be precise it’s the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation).

In fact, if we have a Ministry of Innovation, it’s a clear signal that we have not “innovated” much and the ministry is here to make sure we do.

But, how do we innovate?

If you attend a class, you might hear your teacher saying that you must innovate and have creative ideas. Yet no one (or maybe very few) bother telling you how to be creative. Can you be creative with something you’re not at ease?

LEAD Summit 2016 - Mauritius

My talk was precisely about that. I tossed that passion is a key driver to innovation. If you attend a class in a subject you’re passionate about you’re more likely to top. If you go to work and you’re passionate about what you’re doing, then you’re more likely to succeed in your career as you would be always be up-to-date with your surrounding and keep pace with the latest trend.

I shot a few moments in my career which I owe to my passion; that is for playing with the Linux operating system. What was once a hobby turned out to be so essential for my career.

The talk was short; like 30 mins but the message was clear, and I hope it would be useful to those starting a job-adventure soon.