Laptop gets Tux’ed

April 6, 2014

During the week, I was given two laptops to prepare for Corsair Hackers Reboot. One came with Linux Mint 14 and the second with Debian 7 Minimal. I was given a green light to format & put any distribution I wish. That was too cool!

This morning I plugged the first one in power. It’s an HP Compaq 6530b with 1GB RAM & dual core cpu. A little poor in resources, I thought I’ll replace Linux Mint with Elementary OS. So far my trial with Elementary has been very promising.

I made a Live USB & fired the installation. In all it took around 15 mins. Everything was instantly recognized, from wifi to webcam. Oops! One thing was ticking though. The Windows Vista sticker! I wonder why it was still there for the person who gave me the laptop is himself a die-hard FOSS advocate.

The last remaining step was to perfectly Tux the laptop. I removed the Windows sticker & pulled out my last stock of GNU/Linux stickers. :-) There you go, now the thing looks cool!

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