JEM Kids 2014

August 19, 2014

When Saamiyah told me about this event being organized by Les Jeunes √Čtudiants Musulmans (JEM) for needy children I thought maybe I could help in some way. In fact, Saamiyah helped us at LUGM on several events even while she wasn’t even a member.

She told me about the activities they planned for the kids. A painting activity was missing. What could be more beautiful than giving kids paint & paper and ask them to unleash their minds.

I remember when I was a kid painting was a luxury. Yes, we could not afford to have watercolors all the time and paint as much as we wished.

I thus told Saamiyah I’ll contribute some stationery items including watercolors & brushes. She told her team and it seemed they liked the idea too. I grabbed two packs of water colors at Hobby World, a couple of brushes and I got A3 paper from Le Cygne. All set, I went to visit the team last Saturday, 16th August 2014, at Auberge de St. Aubin where the event was happening.

As I reached kids were having fun in the temporary playground that was set up. They had inflatable castles and several game activities like bag-jumping were happening.


I met Saamiyah and showed her the pack of colors & brushes. I knew she was the expert in the matter so I told her do whatever she finds suitable as activity with the colors. I stayed for a while and met the president of the group, Mohsin. He explained me how students from various local universities gave a helping hand to support the needy kids. Indeed it was nice to offer those kids a happy day filled with joyful activities. I could see the happy faces everywhere (^^,) …

We talked about a lot of other stuffs. Mohsin told me about the course he did and we discussed about employment in Mauritius, IT in general, security awareness etc.

Then I met Muzaffar who happens to be a student at the University of Mauritius. Muzaffar being in the computing field too we had a lengthy talk. He explained me about his project and we discussed programming stuffs in general. That was a good time chatting.

I left earlier, before the kids could get into creative activity of painting but I asked Saamiyah to send me pictures. Sure she did ( :






Les Jeunes √Čtudiants Musulmans